House Call Visit Fee - $99.00**


What is included?

  • The visit fee covers travel to your location, a comprehensive exam, assessment/plan.  Electronic prescriptions provided as necessary.

  • Some point of care testing is covered as indicated for example - glucose test, strep test, urinalysis.  

  • Next day wellness call and referrals as needed.  

Do you accept any insurance?

  • Payment is due at time of the visit, 
  • Cash or credit cards accepted. 

May be eligible for HSA, deductibles

Always file with your  own insurance

**Understanding co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles

Telehealth Fee for established practice patient - $40.00


Appointments will be available to patients who have had a house call visit with me within the previous year.  

A house call may be necessary but many concerns can be addressed by telehealth visits.  

Internet/cellular video capacity is all that is needed.   - see

Find out more about tele-health - click here

Additional financial information


Cash or credit card accepted and due at time of visit.  

A detailed receipt of services and payment will be provided for your own  private or Medicare benefit filing.  

Cash Price - local lab