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 Kathy McLaughlan,  FNP-C

University of Northern Colorado  2003

Florida State University - 1996

American Nurses Credentialing Certification

Colorado Women of Influence - 2019


What is unique about my experience as a house call nurse practitioner?

One of the most important benefit of receiving  a medical house call is the immediate  information about what is unique  about the patient and the environment.  With fewer distractions and less stress in both provider and patient during a house call visit, a customized solution is more easily guided.  

Since 2009, I have made over 10, 000 house call visits provoding health protection services, often addressing more than one concern at a time, there is often overlap.  I enjoy a high touch, low technology working space  using a three dimensional assessment : the person, the issue  and the environment.  Each visit is unique - no one size fits all approach works here.  



Prepare for a high quality, high value primary care visit  at your location and schedule .  House calls provide a platform for personalized customized care  that will best apply to you.  Feel better, faster at home.   

House calls provide a three-dimensional conversation  to facilitate the highest degree of communication  and understanding of the contributing factors that cannot be obtained in a clinic setting.  

My practice philosophies : Stay affordable , convenient, and transparent .  

I have accumulated 10,000 + house call visits completed in a variety of cultural, socio-economic settings.  The wealth of knowledge gained continues to evolve the way I practice.  

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